Business kos-kosan currently has become the attraction. For those of you who live in large cities and has ample land, should take advantage of this for the effort kos-kosan. Telebih if it is the lowliest Office or College, will certainly enhance the additional income for your needs. Interesting isn't it?

Though later you will get results that don't manage kos-kosan a little, but also not easy. You have to have some tricks in order to be successful in running it. Utilizing the land for long term kos-kosan can be utilized so as to help boost the economy of the household. You are also interested in kos-kosan want to manage, you should note the following.

Some of the things that must be done before starting a business kos-kosan

1. Capital.
Decided to manage the kos-kosan certainly requires no small capital. But it would be much easier if you already own the land. You only think about the cost of bangunannnya. To make it more efficient, we recommend that you create multiple rooms in advance, such as 4 or 6. If it goes well, it later could add to the number of rooms and any earnings are growing.

2. Determine the location.
People will usually be more interested choose a strategic place boarders. In a sense, they tend to choose a campus close to kos or workplace. That way, they will be more efficient because only a walk to get to the intended place. The location is absolutely essential in order for kos you manage always entice prospective residents.

3. Facility.
In making the kos-kosan, you should also pay attention to what facilities will be obtained. Boarding facilities will make the residents at home. That way you'll have a regular income of residents who have been comfortable. In order to be more frugal spending, should provide the facilities are simple and make Children feel welcome boarders.

4. Determine the price.
Build kos-kosan is indeed to be reckoned with in detail. This is to make it easy for you to know how much of its expenditure. Included in determining the price. From the beginning decided to make kos, you should be able to guess what price per month are counted with facilities obtained.

5. Ensure the security and comfort of Kos.
Kos certainly security is becoming a very important factor in managing kos-kosan. Pasalanya, the residents of kos will feel freely while traveling if kosnya is secure. To improve the quality of kemananan, you can install the CCTV. This will make the Child more comfortable kos and increase your income in a business start-up kos-kosan.

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